India Expo 2020 pavilion Live

World biggest Trade Expo 2020 in Dubai is ready to host entire world at one place. Here is India pavilion Expo 2020-21 Live streaming, schedule of events and themes. 

India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai explores the future in India. When it comes to showcasing India at Expo 2020 Dubai, the India Pavilion is arguably one of the greatest platforms. 

The India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is located in Al Fosan Park, close to the 'Opportunity' neighborhood. The pavilion's theme is "Openness. Opportunity. Growth."


The vastness of the theme allows visitors to explore and experience India’s strengths and achievements in all its glory. Doors open from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.


18:00 - 18:45       Inaugural of The India Pavilion

19:00 - 20:00       Inaugural Cultural Show

When you enter the pavilion, go to a star tunnel that will transport you to the room so you can see the journey from India in space. While they continue, they experience the fulfillment of India in the health and wellness sector, in which India's enormous story of Ayurveda emphasizes, and the alternative drug system. 

 The first floor brings you to a world of charming projections and mirrors that present a kaleidoscope of Indian colors and cultural vibrations. 

 The second floor is the testimony of the bilateral partnership of India with the United Arab Emirates and the abundance of opportunities that opens this partnership. 

 The third floor opens doors for the "Corporate India" and its growing  expertise in different sectors. Apart from various thematic sections, India Pavilion also organizes an amphitheater, conference rooms, government pavilions, restaurants, souvenir shops and much more. 

Theme of INDIA Expo 2020

To do end, the pavilion will focus on eleven major themes: Climate and Biodiversity; Space; Urban and Rural Developments; Tolerance and Inclusivity; the Golden Jubilee; Knowledge; Learning; Travel and Connectivity, Global Goals and Health; Agriculture and Livelihoods and Water.


India is the largest producer in the world of two wheels, tractors and three wheels. It is the second-largest producer of Buses and the third manufacturer of heavy trucks.

 In the 2018-19 financial year, sales of cars rose by 2.70%, two-wheelers by 4.86% and tricycles by 10.27%.

 In April 2020, 26 million vehicles were produced, of which 4.7 million were exported.

 India is set to become the third largest automotive market in the world by 2026.


India has become The Third Biggest Aviation Market Globally And Is Projected To Be The No. One Position By 2030.

 Annual growth rate from 2009 to 2019 was 10.2%

 USD 5 billion invested by 2025

 1,100 airpcraft to operate by 2027

 2,380 airplanes to operate by 2038

 Target of US$ 25 billion turnover

 Target of US$ 5 billion from exports

 Global drone market to reach US$ 43 billion in 2024

By the end of 2021, the Indian drone market will grow to 885.7 million U.S. dollars


India Is One Of The Largest Exporters Of Natural Medicine In The World.

 By 2022, the global Ayurveda market is expected to reach US$10 billion.

 India’s AYUSH market is valued at US$10 billion and is expected to grow by 50% in 2025.

 AYUSH` is one of the 12 leading service departments in India.


Ministry of Ayush

AYUSH BHAWAN, B Block, GPO Complex, INA, NEW DELHI - 110023

Contact no: 1800-11-22-02



By 2022, India's construction industry is expected to grow to USD 738.5 billion.

 Infrastructure development market was US$ 224 billion in 2019.

This sector contributes 9% to India’s GDP and employs 51 million people

The CAGR is estimated to be a steady 15.7% till 2024

55% to the Steel industry, 15% to the Paint industry and 30% to the Glass industry

Industry’s revenue is estimated to reach US$ 5 billion

Education Pavilion, INDIA expo 2020

India Has The Largest K-12 Education System In The World

 India hoping for best in education in upcoming years.

In India there are  40,000 colleges

Indian education sector is valued at US$ 101.1 billion

US$ 180 billion by at the end of 2022

Govt. allotted US$ 8.56 billion for School Education and Literacy in the Union Budget of 2020–21

US$ 500 million by the end of 2019 in private equity and venture capital funding

20 universities of india among the global top 200 universities by 2030

Second-largest market for E-learning after the US

This Industry will cross US$ 200 billion by 2022


India Has The 5th Largest Media And Entertainment industry In The World.

Media & Entertainment is expected to reach US$ 34 billion by 2025

90 countries around the world watch Indian cinema.

900 satellite tv channel

60,000 local cable operators

5 DTH operators

6,000 multi-system operators

15th rank in the world music industry

Top 10 music markets by 2022

Attracted US $350 million worth of investments from venture capitalists by 2020

Projected to reach US$ 25.9 billion in revenue by 2022


India Is The Fifth-Largest Exporter Of Gems And Jewelry In The World

Constitutes 29% of the global market

Exports 75% of the world’s polished diamonds

5 million people working in this industry


With a demand for 690.4 tones, India is the largest consumer of gold in the world

It accounts for 7% of its GDP.

It accounts for 15% of total merchandise exports.

This sector's market size is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025.

Exports were valued at US$ 24.41 billion in 2010 and are expected to reach US$ 29.01 billion in 2020.

By 2025, jewelry exports will have reached $80 billion.

Cut and polished diamonds, gold jewelry, and silver jewelry exports have increased by 10.2 percent, 1.9 percent, and 35.9 percent, respectively.

 The Indian Healthcare Sector Is Projected To Reach US$ 372 Billion By The End Of 2022

 This industry is estimated to reach US$ 132 billion by 2023

Diagnostics industry in India is currently valued at US$ 4 billion

Telemedicine market to rise at a CAGR of 20% reaching US$ 32 million by 2022

The number of medical colleges in India increased to 529 by 2019

Attracted FDI worth US$ 6.72 billion by March 2020

Indian Surgical Robotics to expand at a CAGR of 20% to hit the size of US$ 350 million by 2025

To create 1 million more skilled healthcare providers by 2022

India is the 2nd most visited Medical Value Tourism (MVT) destination in Asia

 India Is The Largest Exporter Of IT Services In The World.

India’s digital economy is estimated to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025.

 India attracted a cumulative FDI inflows worth US$ 62.47 billion between April 2000 and September 2020.

 India spends US$ 1.6 billion annually on training its IT workforce.

 The Indian IT Sector exports around US$ 100 billion while employing 2.8 million people.


India’s Space Odyssey Spans 44 Years With Over 428 Satellites Launched. ISRO Has Launched Satellites For 27 Countries In The Last 5 Years.

US$ 38 billion to be spent globally to launch 7,000 more satellites by 2027.

 A whopping 328 satellites that orbit the earth was launched by Indian rockets for other countries.

 The ISRO also created a world record of launching largest number of satellites - 104 satellites out of which 101 were foreign in a single PSLV rocket.

 ISRO has earned Rs 1,245.17 crore during the last five years launching satellites from 26 countries.

 Pixxel raised US$ 5 million seed funding from Blume, growX and Lightspeed that will strengthen its plans for its first satellite launch.

 India Is The 8th Largest Tourism Economy In The World.

Tourism generates more than $200 billion in revenue, accounting for 7% of India's GDP.

By 2028, tourism and hospitality are expected to be worth $460 billion.

In terms of total contribution to GDP from travel and tourism in 2019, India ranks third on the WTTC Travel & Tourism Power and Performance list and tenth out of 185 countries.

 The Ministry of Tourism has approved US$ 211.35 million in funding for 18 projects under the Swadesh Darshan and PRASHAD programs to develop and promote tourism in the North-Eastern area.

Airbnb has invested $75 million, in addition to a few other significant investments, in Indian vacation-accommodation aggregator OYO rooms and hotels. The corporation is currently worth $8 billion USD.

By 2022, foreign hotel chains will control almost half of the tourist and hospitality business in India.

Under five sub-categories, the E-visa option has been provided to people of 169 countries. Between January and November 2017, tourist arrivals via e-visa surged by 58.8 percent year on year to 1.457 million.

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